Welcome to studio824!  This is a place that has been slowly growing and becoming something beautiful for many years.  It has finally hit the digital age and I am uncertain how to make it all work, just that I know I want to share with more people.  So here we go!

A bit about me?  Well, okay.  I am happily married and have three wonderful children, that have grown up a bit too quickly I might add.  I learned the love of creativity from my wonderful mother, thanks Mom again and again.  I haven’t found a creative path I haven’t enjoyed so far.  I paper craft endlessly, quilt when I have time, and dabble into many other areas.

Why studio824?  Honestly, that is the beginning of so much wonderful for me, the day I got married.  I began to truly learn all that I had been blessed with and have been encouraged daily to explore and strengthen those talents.  Thanks Bob.  It isn’t just my studio, but belongs to my whole family.  They are all so talented.  I keep a physical studio, but it travels too.  Why not share what you love with those you love?

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Moana aka:studio824

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