Flowering Flourishes with French?

Saturday is usually my day to go all out with some totally extravagant project.  But today is workshop, so making sure I have everything just right takes priority.  I couldn’t not do something though.

Flowering Flourishes with French

Clean and simple cards may not be my strength, but I totally nailed this one!  I started out with the idea of stamping my background paper.  After the first two stamps up one side I fell in love.  I added one little flower in the top corner and stopped.  Such an interesting feeling.

Flowering Flourishes with French

I knew I needed a tiny sentiment, so I went on the prowl.  I came across a retired hostess set called Good Greetings.  I had earned a couple of free sets and put the wrong code in for one of them.  That was the french set.  But I couldn’t bring myself to exchange it.  And doesn’t it fit perfectly?  You know it does.

Flowering Flourishes with French

How did I choose these colors?  Well, I recently made an order to take advantage of that no shipping sale and stocked up on paper.  The heavy stuff for sure.  I added a few spools of cotton ribbon.  You guessed it.  Whisper white, blushing bride and island indigo.  There they sat it the box just telling me to do it.  Done.

Have a creative day!


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