Guy Greetings Thank You

How do you say thank you to a man with a card?  Just like this.  Simple, a bit of elegance, and a touch of humor, but just a touch.

Guy Greetings

Denali requested a special manly thank you card for her prom dates father.  He is doing all of the driving for the two of them, neither one have a license, even as seniors, so they need a little help.  Hence, the thank you.  I thought that was adorable.

Guy Greetings

Also, it works for sharing with you today!  This set doesn’t seem to be carrying over to next year, so we have to say goodbye.  So sad, because it is a great manly set.  Well, I won’t stop using it.

Guy Greetings

This is a quick project day, because it is prom day!  When you have a young lady going to her first and only prom, you want to make it special.  There are still some things that have to be dealt with, like sharing some joy and some basic chores. Other than that, we are all about getting pretty.  Nails and hair are already done, so just enjoying the fun of makeup.  The next photos I take will be filled with a lovely young lady and her good friend.  Wheeeeee!

Have a creative day!


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