A Huge Thank You

When a lot of people need to say thank you, you need a huge card.  This one measures 5.5 x 8.5, totally huge.  It has signing panels on both sides, plenty of room for everyone.

5-10 (2)

I had the opportunity to be a driver for my oldest daughters small business class field trip to Silicon Valley.  There was a lot of prep work, a hectic schedule, and highway time galore.  I thought it appropriate that the students thank their teacher for all of her hard work.

5-10 (3)

To make it a little better, I made a little something extra that I will share with you tomorrow.  You can see the top of them poking out of the holder.  It should sit nicely on her desk either at home or school.

5-10 (1)

My Denali will get the students to sign during the morning and give it to her during class.  It should be a nice thank you from all of us.  Sometimes we need to help others to be grateful.  Let’s call this an additional learning opportunity for the students.

I will share photos of the gift portion of the thank you tomorrow.  So festive and fun.

Have a creative day!


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