Welcome Cucumber Crush

Let me introduce you to Cucumber Crush.  Now you have seen all of the five new In-Colors that will be with us for the next two years.  I can’t believe we have had the other set for a year already.  But this bright, perky green, we don’t have a color like it.  And it is bright.

Welcome Cucumber Crush

My family assured me this wasn’t too much and they really liked it.  I kind of didn’t, at all.  I thought it looked like a leprechaun got into a fight with Valentine’s Day.  But, I went with it anyway.  Everyone makes mistakes and I don’t mind that at all.  I do think that this particular combo won’t happen again.  Cucumber Crush needs to have another color or two to balance it out.  Just my thoughts though.

Welcome Cucumber Crush

This is also another sneak peek at the Happy Birthday, Everyone host set.  I touched on it yesterday, but went further today.  The ‘Happy Birthday’ sentiment is the large main one and it comes with several support phrases.  Too fun.

Either way, a new set of fun In-Colors combined with a great new catalog looks to make another great year.  So much creativity in store.  I hope you find yours.

Have a creative day!


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