The theme for today is “I Serve With All My Mind”  Knowledge is the value and green is the color.  I used Garden Green to make these cute little sour cream containers.  Of course I filled them with green jelly beans.


I really like how I have made all of the super hero images ladies with those awesome lips.  It is one tiny stamp, but not too hard to manage.  Especially when I am patient.  Some of the lips did get a little off center, but it is the thought that counts here.  In one afternoon and another evening I made all sixty of these favors, a dozen for each of the five days.  We break camp on Saturday, so I didn’t make one for that day.  But, the girls will get a special card Friday night with a well thought out message.  I will just use ones from the stash for that task.


I got four of these containers out of each sheet of cardstock.  I just cut it into four bits and went for it.  It was a bit trick getting the paper to curve and not crease, but I did pretty good.


Last night I got to leave camp for the evening to attend a concert with my sister-in-law.  She and I got tickets at Christmas to see Andrea Bocelli and the concert was scheduled smack in the middle of camp.  So, I got permission to leave for an overnight and headed back the next morning.  At least, that was the plan.  I am sure it was.

Have a creative day!


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