Birthdays are Big News!

This is definitely a bit of a crazy card.  I wanted a little more order to the stamping on the background, but didn’t have the patience.  Blogging ahead like I am, Utah trip and pioneer trek remember, has made me run a little short on patience.  I just went with it and decided I liked it after all.

Birthdays are Big News!

There may be lace and a bit of bling here, but I thought it could work for a guy as well, maybe.  This new color delightful dijon is starting to grow on me.  It took a while for summer starfruit to get anywhere with me, but I ended up being so sad when it retired and find myself missing it.  This is much darker, but I am starting to get there.

Birthdays are Big News!

This project was a real quick put together.  Just a couple of square framelits, some simple stamping, a bit of sponging and it was done.  Then I wanted to put a bit of bling on and even underlined with rhinestones one of the ‘enjoy the fuss’ sentiments.  Good stuff for sure.

Birthdays are Big News!


I have added another birthday card to the stash.  There never seems to be an end to the need for birthday cards.  Especially when you know so many wonderful people!  A great thing to be able to do.

Have a creative day!


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