Trust God

So much has happened during the last week, even as I write in advance for this blog, I know my heart is both heavy and full at the same time.

Trust God

Taking yet another child to university is so exciting, but reminds me of how little time we actually have with these children and how soon they grow up and leave home.  Luckily, I still have a few more years with my youngest.

Trust God

Then partnering that event with a demanding and fulfilling pioneer trek has surely put me over the edge.  But in a good way.  Even though it was surely to be physically and emotionally difficult, I have complete faith that I loved it and will treasure it always.

Trust God

I created this set knowing how I would be feeling, and knew there would be a lot on my mind.  The flowering flourishes has been one of my favorite stamp sets for a very long time.  The results it gives are always different and very beautiful.  This color combination is soft yet ornate at the same time.  I wasn’t sure about layering the stamps over each other, but these colors allowed it.  I hope you have enjoyed it as I did.

Have a beautiful, and very creative day.


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