You’re So Vintage

I have been doing so many floral projects I thought I should bring out something different.  I have been waiting to use this stamp set, it is so different and funny to me.  The sentiment reminds me of something out of my elementary school wardrobe.  I might have had matching jeans, how exciting.

You're So Vintage

I am more happy with the sentiment layer than the rest, but I am happy enough with it to make up for the other.  It seems like the star boarder punch was a bit much, but I kept it there.  The colors though, they are spot on.  They were cool then and have made it around to be cool again.  How fun is that?

You're So Vintage

I knew I wanted to use markers to make the words different colors, but I wasn’t sure how it would react on the photopolymer.  By the time I did the last word the others had beaded up quite a bit.  I went over them, huffed a lot, and used my foam mat.  It still came up all splotchy.  However, it was perfect for the phrase!  I am so happy with it!  It looks extra cool for sure.  I almost created a lava lamp to go along, but relaxed on that front.

You're So Vintage

I can’t wait to try this out on other stamps and see which ones still look awesome. Floral stamps could look water colored even.  One adventure at a time.

Have a creative day!


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