That Thing You Did

This stamp set is just the best.  The combination phrases really get me laughing.  This one in particular is my favorite.  You’re on my mind, but not in a creepy way.  How great is that.

That Thing You Did

I like how it looks all pretty and then this secondary saying just throws it off like crazy.  Almost like if you aren’t really paying attention, you will totally miss the joke.  My favorite.

That Thing You Did

A simple embossed background with the new cool boho chic folder.  I wasn’t sure at first, but that didn’t last long.  It is way cool.  Lots of options there.

That Thing You Did

This is short and sweet today because first, the card just doesn’t need a lot of explaining.  Second, I am posting ahead because I am taking my girls to a concert, that they have been waiting for since Christmas, and I wanted to focus on that.  I made this card as a thank you for my sister-in-law for letting us stay over at her place after the concert.  I also made a little matching tote with a bunch of other cards for her to use as part of the thank you.  Good stuff there!

Have a creative day!


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