Love You My Friend

In the middle of cleaning out book shelves I had an idea for a card.  So I went to my desk, pulled out the stamps, dies and ribbon, and went back to my shelving.  This morning I just looked at them and thought, “What did I have in mind?”  Not sure, but this is what I ended up with.

Love You My Friend

I think it is funny because if you don’t read the little word love that is inside the heart cut out, the tags just say “you my friend”.  A bit basic, but really made me laugh.

Love You My Friend

All of the detail work went pretty quickly.  I started out by using the heart die cut on the whisper white paper and then ran it through the big shot to emboss it.  I thought the stamping inside the heart would be tricky to place.  Not at all.  I just eyeballed it and it was perfect!  Go figure!  The tags were simple stamping on scrap.  I do save scrap a bit too much sometimes.  But, the half inch that gets cut off when I trim down my paper works perfectly for sentiments and the banner punch.  Some might call it clutter, but I have used them so many times.

Love You My Friend

Have a creative day!


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