Irresistible Beautiful Bunch

Some days the creativity flows effortlessly and some days it would be easier to birth an elephant.  That would be today.  I had to walk away two different times before I called it done.

Irresistible Beautiful Bunch

The color me irresistible designer series paper is so very cool.  I love that I get to choose which colors I want to create as well as others that are already done and full of interest, especially this black paper.  Isn’t it so elegant?

Irresistible Beautiful Bunch

These flowers just about took me down, they still just might.  I was determined to use these new pearl embellishments and picked this flower stamp and coordinating punch to frame them.  Well, they turned out too light with my method of water coloring and I didn’t like the boarder from the punch, even though it was small, it made the flower just too light.  I did more painting and added black ink in too.  Just a bit, but it is there.  Tried curling the flowers more, and then just about tore them up.

Irresistible Beautiful Bunch


I just put them in place and grabbed the ribbon.  I wasn’t going to use a ribbon, but a sentiment layered on tags.  When I gave it a try, I decided it wasn’t so horrible after all.  I am sure there could have been other things to help, but I just had to call it and walk away.  Either way, I really don’t hate it anymore.

Have a creative day!


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