How would you suggest I celebrate my 200th blog post?  Some would perhaps do a give away, a special sale, or something else full of excitement.  I just might be a little different.  How about showing something simple, something that I love.


How about just saying that I have loved my journey so far, and am looking forward to continuing.  I do love being creative, love sharing it with others, and love the joy that comes from helping others find they are creative and talented too.  There, love.


This cute little bag?  How about using a 6×6 piece of paper, like this Go Wild DSP stack, scoring it at 2″ on all four sides, quick snip on both score lines on opposite sides, and watch it come together.  A little hole punching for the ribbon, which I do love the dotted lace trim too much, and a sweet bow.


One tiny stamp with one tiny tag layered on another tiny tag.  Two little basic rhinestones and it is all finished.  I do love a simple project that shares more than just pretty product that is fun to work with, it shows you care about someone enough to do something special.  That is what I love.

Have a creative day!


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