You Always Do For Others…

The people in our lives that give endlessly, they are so awesome!  They deserve much more than something like this, but always appreciate it.  Someone has to something nice for them, right?

You Always Do For Others...

My school secretary is just that person.  She even keeps the little containers I make her gifts in.  She has a cute little collection.  This one is a bit larger than others I have given her, but she deserves it!  The beginning of school is always so hectic.

You Always Do For Others...

One whole sheet of rich razzelberry for this gift bag.  Doesn’t it look lovely?  I didn’t have a project in mind, so I just reached to my paper files with my eyes closed, pulled the first file and there it was.  I then turned to my punches and grabbed the first one I focused on.  That would be the confetti hearts border punch.  The rest just fell into place.

You Always Do For Others...


I did my favorite sponging and opted not to layer the base.  Sometimes my fronts tend to curl a bit at the edges when I layer cardstock on cardstock with gift bags.  So, after I punched and sponged I used tombo liquid multipurpose glue to get to the edges well to make sure it stayed down nicely.  Perfect job.

A little matching cotton ribbon, subtle but still there, and the gift bag was done! Now I have the pleasure of getting the perfect treats and a gift to go inside.  That will be a fun little activity for sure.  Sea salt chocolates and maybe a lovely lotion.  Sounds nice.

Have a creative day!


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