Floral Gift Box

When my daughter came home this week for her university break she brought this little birdhouse box with her.  My mother had given it to her to deliver to me to try and create a version of it.

Floral Gift Box

I don’t have a diecut that would do this, so I had to think it out a little bit.  Although I had several frustrations, I ended up with something cute.

Floral Gift Box

I started out with a piece of paper 7″ x 8.5″.  I scored along the 8.5″ side at 2, 4, 6, and 8″ leaving an edge of a half inch.  I turned it one quarter around and scored it at 2″.  This became the bottom.  Along the top, with the long scores going up, I proceeded to cut with my trimmer, not scissors.  I cut along the score lines down to 2.5″ on all score lines.  This gave the top flaps.  Two of them were punched with the scallop tag topper and the other two were trimmed down a bit.  My design became a bit flawed and I had to improvise a bit.

Floral Gift Box

I stamped the paper with versamark ink and applied white embossing powder to give me the cute little flowers you see.  They turned out so pretty.  The rest of the box assembly was pretty basic.  I know I don’t give a lot of detail, I get impatient.  I am working on it.

Have a creative day.


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