Bombs Away Birthday!

Well, I must admit, I think Call of Duty visited my craft table this morning.  My plan began differently, honestly.  But then things got a little interesting.

Bombs Away Birthday!

I started out with the fun birthday bomb stamp and made background paper.  I knew I wanted to add my husbands name, but wasn’t sure on the color.  Since the black is so strong, I knew I needed to heat emboss the lettering.

Bombs Away Birthday!

Of course all of my colors are not quite masculine, and I wanted bright color.  I guess I could have done silver, but too late for that.  I had a couple of tiny spots that didn’t get powder to stick, so I thought I would just sponge a little ink here and there to fill them in.

Bombs Away Birthday!

I went out of the lettering a bit on the second B, so I gave in and sponged away. Then I giggled as I imagined how much cherry cobbler looked like dried blood, especially next to a bunch of bombs.  Maybe this is a bit tacky or even offensive, but my husband will get a kick out of it, and it is totally for him.  Happy Birthday my love!

Have a creative day!


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