Thankful Swaps

I have been out of town this last weekend and it is nice to be home for lots of reasons.  I did love my trip, seeing my daughter and son at university is just fantastic!  Something about your own space though, just feels cozy.

Thankfuln Swaps

I also discovered that I am not the best blogger on my iPad.  They were pretty basic, but I managed.  I was honestly just too tired yesterday and had tons more standing in line waiting to be tended.  Day survived.

Thankfuln Swaps

There were several fall themed swaps I wanted to share as well.  I had recently ordered this stamp and framelit set but haven’t gotten to play with it just yet.  So it was nice to play at the demonstrator workshop event.  Working through someone else’s vision is different, but entertaining.

Thankfuln Swaps

While it is fun to share these swaps, I am getting anxious to dig back into my supplies and create.  Especially with some of the new treasures.

Have a creative day!


One thought on “Thankful Swaps

  1. Oh, Moana, I understand; I just got back from a 10-day trip, and it was so hard to take care of my blog mainly by iPhone! But now that I’m home I just put up a proper post and hope to be back on track!


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