Final Holiday Swap Share

I have thoroughly enjoy sharing some of my favorite swaps, but I am ready to get back to creating some of my own work.  It is nice to step away from your own style and see product through someone else’s eyes though.  I have two of the stamp sets used here and didn’t see these options at all.

Final Holiday Card Swaps

I also tend to purchase to the likes of my club members so that they can work with product they are more interested in.  Makes good business sense.  Letting myself experience it differently gave me permission to try different things. Some I liked, and others gave me relief that it wasn’t money poorly spent.

Final Holiday Card Swaps

I do love Christmas and all of the fun, love and sparkle that comes along with it.  It will be a bit of a challenge to not go directly there with my projects.  However, it does frustrate me to go shopping in September and be overwhelmed with all of the holiday items to purchase.  So, I will do my best to go through each one patiently and enjoy myself.

Final Holiday Card Swaps

Now I get to enjoy getting ready for my own card workshop this weekend.  My ladies are so going to enjoy looking at all of these swaps.   Fun, fun, fun!

Have a creative day!


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