For All Things

It can be hard to get even the simple things done when you don’t quite feel yourself.  That is why today’s project is super simple, just what I needed.

For All Things

I started with a half sheet of very vanilla cardstock and scored every 2″ on the 8.5″ side which left me a 1/2″ edge to seal the box together.  I also scored along the length at 2″ to make the bottom, and at 3/4″ at the top and then 1″ over from there.  I know I am not very exact at sharing my measurements, but it works out I promise.  Oh, I did do my stamping before I scored, forgot to mention that.

For All Things

I have held the box together using the tear n tape adhesive.  I do like that stuff, easier to work with than sticky strip.  The flaps are folded together and adhered with the same and then I got to sponging.  All the edges and even on these bitty little flowers.  I love that look!  I put the largest basic pearls inside each flower and grabbed for a scrap of ribbon.  The dotted lace trim has a good bit of stretch to it, so it is held on just by that.  Not a glue dot or anything.  That makes it easy to use and re-use.  A simple bow and it was all done!

For All Things

Have a creative day!


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