Christmas Lighthearted Leaves

What a crazy morning!  However, slow and steady wins the race, right?  Like I said earlier in the week, I planned on casing myself from another project that looked like Christmas to me.  Here it is, my ‘Believe’ card.


As I stamped these leaves last time I kept thinking about mistletoe.  Of course, by the time I got done painting all the leaves green, I kept thinking of seaweed.  So now I want to do an ocean project.  What a great stamp set, right?

10-19 (1)

I painted the ‘berries’ real read and went with cucumber crush for my green.  It is such a fun, bright green.  When I trimmed my cardstock down I was left with a few narrow strips and decided to put them to work.  I thought about using some quilling techniques, but kept it simple instead.  I did decorate one of the leaf images with rhinestones for a little bling and loved how it turned out.  So, just like all of the other retailers out there, I have made some Christmas happen before Halloween.  It was fun though, definitely fun.

10-19 (2)

Have a creative day!


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