Birthday Hamburger Box

This die cut hasn’t been out in a while and I miss it!  I have had so much fun making boxes of one kind or another and I just love the shape.  I am pretty darn good at making a box or bag for a custom gift, but boxes like this just need a die cut.

Birthday Hamburger Box

One of my TA’s has a birthday today and I thought he would get a kick out of this guy.  I think he is expecting something because he has mentioned his birthday several times in the previous weeks.  Well, of course I had to deliver.  I think I will pick up a wonderful pastry this morning to put inside.  Yummy.

Birthday Hamburger Box

One sheet of  island indigo went into the box.  I was left with scrap enough to make the matching gift card and leave a couple of good sized scraps behind.  That is great.  I did sponge all of the edges really well before I glued it together.  I also used tombo to put the edges together.  Much easier with a little bit of wiggle room while it bonds and then it is there to stay.  My kind of adhesive.  I ran my bomb stamp down one direction of the die cut and then flipped it around and went the other.  The pattern turned out random enough to look like patterned paper.  I love making my own background paper for projects.

Birthday Hamburger Box

Have a creative day!


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