White Christmas

I had intended on making a matching bag for yesterday’s card, but I spent so much time on the card I had to call it and move on.  Yet the large piece of velum was still waiting for me to finish it up.  I made an effort or two.

White Christmas

My original plan didn’t work because I didn’t punch my holes along the bag top evenly and the ribbon stitching looked horrible.  I cut off the top and tried again.  There were improvements, but it is still uneven.  It did look really nice with the card, but this is like the Where’s Waldo of crafting goofups to be honest.  Can you find them all?

White Christmas

How about this obvious one.  I was chatting to my daughter and not paying attention to my scoring and the measurements got off.  You don’t waste foil velum though, so I continued on.  That is when I goofed up the hole punching the first time, and a bit again on the second time.  I didn’t bother putting treats inside because I don’t know if I can let this goof off the desk.

But, the set does look nice even if I made mistakes.  I always tell my ladies that there are no mistakes, only opportunities.  I don’t know about this one, maybe an opportunity to learn from my mistakes?

White Christmas

Have a creative day!


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