Paper Pumpkin Re-Make

What says thank you better than a big bar of chocolate?  A really pretty bar of chocolate with a coordinating card, that’s what!  I really like how this Paper Pumpkin set got used  so differently than I normally do.

Paper Pumpkin Re-Make

I have mentioned my teacher aides before and how awesome they are.  The holidays are the perfect time to share that gratitude.  Especially when they feel special and others get to see that too.  Okay, they are teenage boys that love to feel awesome and oh so cool.  This works very well, just like they do.

Paper Pumpkin Re-Make

I used the card base to wrap over my vanilla cardstock and it fit around so nicely.  I was able to give it nice little scores and get two swipes of fast fuse to keep this together.  After a hefty wrapping of ribbon, I know it is so secure.  These holly leaves and little adhesive backed berries are so adorable though.  I could definitely get into a die cut to make more of these.  I will have to look around for one.

It is fun to go to work when you have this kind of joy to share.  Besides, today is the last day of school before a very nice and long three week break.  Phew!

Paper Pumpkin Re-Make

Have a creative day!


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