Big Gift Box

How big is big?  This one took two 12 x 12 sheets to make it work.  This bag/box measures 5 x 6 x 6.  How awesome is that?  The gift inside is pretty much hilarious.  Another gift exchange for my husband at work.   Quite the group there.

Big Gift Box

I could have fit at least six stamp sets inside this guy.  That could double for DVD’s or any other combination for sure.  It is made with last years craft holiday paper so it is super sturdy.  I could have made a fun tag and decorated it more, but it was a quick make this morning.

Big Gift Box

Could I find gift tissue to match?  Nope.  No worries though, there was a Santa hat close by and it did the job quite well.  Actually, I think this might be a repeater idea.  I probably won’t remember it, like the measurements for the awesome bag.  It was a custom design for this huge mug.  One thing at a time, and getting last minute holiday fun done is more important.

Big Gift Box

Have a creative day!


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