Sale-a-bration is Almost Here!

To add on yesterday’s blog, this is the icing on that oh so delicious cake.  I love Sale-a-bration!  I already get to order what I love to work with.  But when you get to choose great free product too?  Almost too much.

Sale-a-bration is Almost Here!

And like my other box, this one is also tucked away waiting for me to get back home.  It will be tonight.  In the morning you should get to see a bit more excitement going on.

Sale-a-bration is Almost Here!

These are some of my soon to be favorites.  There are some that are limited time offers even within the short time of Sale-a-bration, so there is no time to waste.  I made sure I got those right away.

Another perk of being a demonstrator?   I already got to pre-order, how cool is that?  But, I also got to earn Sale-a-bration free items with that pre-order.  Of course I took full advantage of that opportunity.  Christmas all over again for this little crafter!

Sale-a-bration is Almost Here!

Have a creative day!


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