Courage Doesn’t Always Roar…

I wasn’t sure about posting this one, it is definitely not my usual type of project.  And if I am being totally honest, it is a bit of a mess.  It wasn’t my idea, but I needed to make a sample, so it happened.


I work with the youth in my church, specifically the young women ages 14-15, and this was our project last Wednesday night.  One of the girls had suggested this activity and we went at it.  I was to make the sample and I rushed through it a bit too quickly.  We only have a little over an hour to work with, so I was on a timer.  Also, this wouldn’t be my best crafting area.  It is so okay to know there are areas to improve in, and I don’t mind sharing my learning opportunities. (I don’t like to call them mistakes.)

I used two sheets of dsp for this project.  I love the paper. I did get a bit of teasing from the girls.  “Are those artichokes?”  Yes they are, and I love them.  The back side of the paper reminded me of a double wedding ring quilt pattern, so it was a win all the way around.  We were to modge podge pretty paper to a clip board, add some decoration, and finish it off with a favorite inspirational quote.  I have creases and bubbles, but I still love it. I also got into my retired stash of ribbon and found a bunch to use.  I will be happily using this clipboard.  I do need to sand the edges a bit, but otherwise, it is all done.

1-15 (1)

Have a creative day!


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