Thank You Friend

Last Christmas my stamping group had our own holiday party.  Part of that adventure was a crafty themed gift exchange.  Not going out and buying new necessarily, but cleaning out old product that you don’t use anymore and making a gift of it.

1-17 (3)

Today I have made this special handout for a Sunday lesson I am teaching and I was able to use some of the fun gift I received.  The embossing folder and lovely sequin trim to be specific.  I sure had fun experimenting.  The paper I embossed on is a heavy water color paper and I thought I would be doing something with a dark blue wash.  It didn’t look like I wanted, so it stayed clean.  I think it turned out rather nice.

I made an extra for a different friend.  She always posts these super inspiring quotes on Facebook that bring me so much joy and hope.  I thought I would share back my way.  I love good friends, I truly do.  We all have a greater purpose and I hope the young women I am teaching today can find a way to theirs.


Have a creative day!


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