Bloomin’ Love

I do enjoy making something special by request.  It isn’t always easy to start, but once you do, the ideas just begin flowing.  This is my first go at a bridal shower invite.


The brides colors are a blush pink and navy blue.  My blue looks a bit royal purple here, but it is a deep navy.  How about this lovely framelit die cut?  I thought I might go a bit bonkers trying to get it all detailed out, but I managed.  I am not always the most patient one, but this die requires it.  I had to put it through the big shot back and forth several times to get all of the cuts done.  It was worth the fussing though.  The detail is amazing.

1-25 (1)

I might have gotten a bit carried away on the inside stamping.  I was chatting while I stamped and before I knew it, it had gotten pretty busy.  If this one ends up being the choice, we might have to print the details on velum to be an overlay.  That would be pretty though too.  Love is definitely in the air.

1-25 (2)

Have a creative day!


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