Need a Last Minute Gift Bag?

When was the last time you went to a white elephant gift exchange?  We got to enjoy a Valentine’s themed one last night and it was so fun.  Imagine a large group of you all circled around just laughing like crazy.  I love fun like that.


So, you are supposed to keep things simple, and of course funny.  I rarely have gift bags on hand since I make them most often.  This was the case for sure.  I found a pack of Valentine’s Day paper and got to work.  This lovely wrapping disguised three most odd and interesting gifts.  They were some of the first so get picked, so tricky of me.

2-4 (1)

This large red one was so fun.  It actually slides open and closed with a long tube thing going on.  It could have help a long item up to 20″ easily.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool. I had ladies ask if they could keep them when the kids were done.  Of course!  I love making great packaging like this.  And I didn’t have to spend a bunch on bags.  Maybe with ribbon these were $1.50 all together, that is it.  Awesome!

2-4 (3)

Have a creative day!


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