Press Forward

When it is time to make a set of invitations, I usually struggle to keep them simple.  That was needed this time around though, and I managed to pull it off.  I even got to put some retired product to use.  Love that.

2-7 (1)

The invitations are basic and only one sided.  The graphic was provided, I do love it though, and I put it to work.  I got a little digital for this project.  I opened the image in InDesign and started picking fonts.  It didn’t take long to decide, I made it white and placed it as an overlay on the image.  Then I included the basic details below in a softer gray because black looked too stark.

2-7 (2)

I used the full graphic, including the title with supporting scripture reference, for a water bottle wrap.  I think these will look adorable.  When digging around, I came across another retired product I could use.  First, ribbon for the invitation, second, bakers twine for the bottle wraps, and third, paper to make a box for the invitations.  Everything gets used eventually, and I love having it on hand for quick project work.  This one wasn’t that quick, but took a good portion of the day from conception, design, prep work and assembly.  All done and ready to go though!


Have a creative day!


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