Hip Hip Hooray for Today!

What kind of fun events do you get excited for?  There are so many special days to celebrate it is hard to choose just one.  For me?  Well, today is all about celebrating the special meeting of my future daughter-in-law.  I have to admit, there is a bit of nervous energy going on there, more than I am aware of I am sure.  But still, what a wonderful day to celebrate.

2-12 (2)

I am in love with this tiny little balloon punch.  It has two friends, a tiny cupcake and a tiny candle, but I can’t get past the balloon.  I have a thing with tiny things and this fits the bill perfectly.  They are just big enough to fit a dimensional behind so they get to look like they really are floating.  And if you use your bone folder across the linen thread it will curl just a bit.  It makes me smile.

The framelit is from a set two piece set that makes pop up card centers.  I trimmed the sides to give me this huge tag.  It was very difficult to throw out the inside cut pieces.  They were perfect!  I played with them, told myself to throw them in the bin, I did, then I got them back out, played again and tossed them again.  Seriously, get a grip.

2-12 (3)

Have a creative day!



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