Birthdays should always be this exciting and colorful, don’t you think?  When I started this project I only had the base with the striped dsp setting on top.  I wasn’t sure at all what was going to come next.


I didn’t know how I was going to tie these bold colors together, and I wasn’t even sure they went together.  But as always, I stuck with it.  I decided to do a simple water color background with the two ink colors.  Sounds simple enough, right?  I stamped in  versamark ink and then brushed my paper with plenty of clean water.  I started with melon mambo in one corner and added a bunch of tempting turquoise in the other.  As I went back and forth some fun things started to happen.  I liked some of the mixing, but decided it was enough.  I dripped some clean water here and there to push color around and give a different look and ended up with quite a bit of water pooling.

Instead of dabbing it off with some paper towels I let it stay.  I took the heat tool to it and began to heat set the color.  The extra water and color around the edges started to activate and mix the inks even more.  I chased the ink around the edges of the image until it had all soaked in or dried up.  I was left with a really fun look that I don’t know if I could duplicate it again if I tried.  I will have to try though, because I love the look of it!  How fun!

2-22 (1)

Have a creative day!


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