Lovely Amazing You Gift Set

I got myself back to that little set of cards to make a gift box for them.  I do like how it turned out, but I didn’t choose my paper very wisely.  One of those times where I just went for it, didn’t plan like I should have, but it worked out anyway moments.  Lucky for me…


The adventure began with a full sheet of this wonderful foil velum.  I was more preoccupied with the score lines for thickness and width for the box.  When I wrapped them around to close the box it ended up just over an inch too short.  Ooooops.  So I decided a belly band was in order.  I needed a bit more stability anyway, so I was good with that.  What to use?  I couldn’t use the rest of the sheet because the hearts would be facing in a different direction and that would bug me.

I got into the foil paper and pulled out one of the remaining scraps.  I am very sparing with the foil paper you know.  There was just enough to get a strip to almost go around.  I then created a layered base to connect the two sides of the band and covered it up with another scrap of foil.  Now, to make the perfect front.

Lovely Amazing You is a stamp set is one of my favorites.  The sentiments are so kind and fun.  The handwriting is also adorable.  I used the little envelope to create the background. The four colors coordinate with the different cards inside.  Nice little connection I thought. Then I chose the sentiment that tied in with the hearts on the foil.  Pretty cool.  I don’t know if I would try to do it again, the velum isn’t the most sturdy gift box choice.

3-4 (1)

Have a creative day.


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