Getting Ready for a St. Patrick’s Day Party!

It has been a busy few days getting ready for a large youth etiquette dinner.  This one won’t be all about the perfect manners, but more like what do you do when things don’t go quite right.  Those tend to have the best memories anyway.


The invitations were pretty darn basic, which was great when I needed to make sixty rather quickly.  The dinner menu was just printed on card stock to coordinate with the invitation. The names of the menu items are in a kind of St. Patrick Day code.  All of the items, from the food to the utensils, are going to be a mystery to the kids.  When they are served what they “ordered” they might end up with odd and end food items and maybe a straw or toothpick to eat with.  After a some laughs and efforts at etiquette, they will be sent through to fill their plates properly and do their best.


Part of the table decorations will include these adorable favors with rainbow fish crackers in them.  The stamp comes from a long retired stamp set that went with the ever adorable milk carton bigz die.  I could have made those forever.  I still have it, because I don’t think I can part with it.

It should be an evening filled with good friends and even better laughs.  I can’t wait!


Have a creative day!


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