Wedding Favors?

What kind of summer has been going on here?  Well…I guess it has been about weddings. We just finished enjoying our son’s wedding and both receptions.  So much fun and truly a joy throughout the entire process.  Much easier to say that now that it is through.  Guess who is looking at wedding favor possibilities?  My oldest daughter.  Wow, two weddings in one year?  Okay…I guess…

6-27 (2)

Not much to talk about here to be honest.  I have used a die cut I got from a thrift store and I don’t even know who makes it.  But it is totally adorable.  I don’t even know if I can fit an entire fortune cookie in it, but we are going to try.  The ribbon is current in this years catalog and I love it.  I might go with the other mint macaron ribbon though, a bit smaller scale, easier to work with and a touch less expensive.  The paper I have here is a retired paper from last year.  I will have to use regular card stock or find another paper that is close to the color she loves.  Shouldn’t be too hard though.  I would rather use designer paper instead of card stock so it can be patterned and avoid stamping, mass stamping actually.  I would never avoid stamping.

6-27 (1)

Either way, you can get a tiny glimpse into the adventures ahead.  It should be more than wonderful.

Have a creative day!


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