L is for Love

Current product is always fun and often a bit too exciting.  How about something that isn’t brand new, but new to you?  I was given a few stamp sets from my daughter-in-love and I couldn’t have been more pleased.  We did some stamping together and she just might have gotten the bug.  How fun!


These stamp sets are over a decade old, but just adorable.  The word set is fantastic.  I don’t know how I missed these because they are just what I would have purchased.  Well, they are mine now and I didn’t even have to hunt them down on eBay or something.  Retired product can be found all around online, but isn’t always priced reasonable.  If you find something you love in a current catalog, you should just get it.  Like I need another flower stamp set.  I don’t think I will ever stop buying floral stamps.

I brushed the background with ink until I got good coverage and then blotted a bit with a paper towel.  Then I used the largest floral stamp and put them all over the front overlapping generously.  I stamped ‘love’ on another piece of paper, trimmed it and placed it over a wrap of cotton ribbon, also retired.  Just because product gets retired doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful.  It just means I can’t sell it because of availability.  No big deal there.

8-8 (1)

Have a creative day!


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