You’re So Fancy

Did I take a day off yesterday?  Well, yes I did.  My daughter and I had a serious movie fest to take care of, and it was fantastic.  My baby is almost 16 and I need to make the most of these fun times together.  Besides, who doesn’t love a Lord of the Rings Fest? (We already had started with a Hobbit Fest earlier on… tee hee!)


This simple little gift bag turned out better than I thought.  The bold stack the paper comes from is taking a while to grow on me.  So I thought I would make a bag that would show a small amount of pattern at a time.  Well, instead of being pleased how it balanced out, I decided this brick pattern is all right!  Good thing there are four pages of each pattern so I can go back and try my hand at something else.

Lots of treats will fill this little number up, or maybe even a nail polish or two.  It would be a fun thing to find in a lunch box for back to school too.  Wow, that is just next week.  Okay, here we go!

Have a creative day!


One thought on “You’re So Fancy

  1. I don’ know what is more creative, the bag or the interesting way you write about it. You are very good young lady and I love you!


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