You Are a Fabulous Work of Art

This project is actually an invitation, but could easily be a lovely card to share.  In a moment of forgetfulness we found ourselves needing to pump out 25 invitations in an hour.  It took a bit longer than that, but it was managed.  That is how easy this card it.


I used wisteria wonder stamped four times at an angle, slightly tilting it as I went.  That gave me the simple background I needed for the sentiment.  That was then stamped in elegant eggplant and I loved the look.  I was in a great hurry, but wanted a bit more diversity, so I brought in this variegated crochet thread with colors that would coordinate. This gave me a green to go with, so in came the old olive.  I stamped three hearts and called the front finished.


My husband and daughter worked to get the inside information card while I did the fronts. I wanted to connect them a bit, so I added one more stamp there.  I used the long stripe to stamp under the title of the event.  It was super quick, but worked out wonderfully.

Have a creative day!


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