Yummy in My Tummy

What a busy day yesterday!  I started this set early yesterday morning, but couldn’t finish before I had to leave for the day.  So I finished them this morning and shared them together instead of different days.  They come from the same stamp set, and they look adorable together, so why not!


These were stamped in black stazon on water color paper then colored with water color pencils.  After I put the color down I wanted I moved it around with the aqua painter.  That has got to be the easiest way to water color ever, outside of having someone else do it for you. Seriously, it is shockingly easy.

I had to add some hearts around this little green guy.  The clean and simple look really appeals to me, but  I had to have something.  Green hearts seemed to work nicely, but stamped alone they looked to different from the painting.  I went over each stamped heart with the aqua painter and it instantly made it look like I had somehow painted all these perfect hearts.  No way!


Big red just had to be alone.  Seriously, how adorable.  I couldn’t add anything else around him.  Little rosy cheeks and a stamp on his belly.  Giggles and grins all day!  I wanted a little sentiment to go with my green guy, but decided to put my own on.  My marker choice was a bit too stark for my taste, but live and learn, right?


Have a creative day!


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