Cloud Nine Birthday

Birthday gift sets really make me smile.  I love everything have a theme and coordinating, very satisfying.  Another workshop project all ready to go.  Should be a large group and this will be the detailed project for sure, not a hard one, but a bit time consuming.


I have found myself staying away from peekaboo peach because it is so bright.  Almost too bright for my taste.  So, I thought I would take it head on and go for it.  Also, this main pattern of designer paper overwhelmed me like crazy.  Keeping the view controlled really made a difference and I love how it turned out!  Of course it helps to have such a wonderful die cut to focus on.  These balloons are so great.


The matching gift bag used a whole sheet of paper.  I do try to use and not horde fun paper and this is one of the ways to do that.  Just use it!  It is a bit of therapy for my card group too, they aren’t the best about using up their paper either.  We all need a nudge now and again.  The gift bag is simple, letting the balloon accents take front stage.  The ribbon is a nice accent, but really just a closure.  No bow or focus up there, letting it all fall around the balloons and clouds.


While this card requires some patience, I think it is worth it.  I love how the die cuts let me decorate the balloon as I would like.  I simply used portions of the same designer series paper that was more solid to fill those spaces.  That way it really coordinates well. I used tiny dots of tombo glue on the back of the balloon to adhere my pieces.  That way I had some wiggle room to put them just where I wanted.  I also used foam adhesive strips to layer it up.  That way there was an extra bit of adhesive to keep those pieces in place and the balloon got extra lift, more height than dimensions alone offer.  I thought that to be appropriate.  I didn’t plan on using basic rhinestones, but I had a tiny dot of ink in a spot I couldn’t get past, so I covered it up.  Job well done!

Have a creative day!



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