You’re My Person

Doesn’t this guy just make you smile?  I really can’t get enough of him.  My current favorites are directly between this fuzzy monster and the fluffy headed chicken from the set Hey Chick.  For all of the elegant floral creations I surround myself in, when I need a smile I go directly to whimsy.  And I guess the odd kind.  Works for me!


This was actually made for my husband for Valentine’s Day.  I spent plenty of time here for sure.  I masked off the rounded tummy outline on the stamp and stamped him in the lower portion of the paper.  The frame is 8 x 10, so you can see how much larger this is than my traditional greeting card pieces.  I wanted to create the radiating feeling of love and almost a heart image.  Not bad if you ask me.  But, I couldn’t leave it too smooth, so I moved into distressing the inks further with a water brush for those cool water lines and additional droplets of water all over the place.  This was not intended to be super in line and perfect, very loose indeed.

Hope you have a creative day!


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