When you have a little more time than usual to create, things get really fun.  Being home all week due to evacuation stress hasn’t been relaxing of course, but this does help so much. This vulture makes me laugh, a lot, right ahead of that tiny fly.  Seriously, who doesn’t need a fly stamp in their stash.  I have a toilet paper one along with a plunger.  I will use those another time.


I know I should be more precise with layering like this, but I usually just wing it.  The rocks and grass went down first and I eyeballed the post and it worked out.  Made me happy.  I did try to mask part of the sign to give my vulture claws a spot to be, but then forgot about the post top.  To be honest, it all worked out really well.  Then I got a bunch of distress inks out and played and played.  I hit the point when you have to stop and felt satisfied.

The card front was just placed single layer on top of some early espresso cardstock and I didn’t even put one extra thing on top.  Not my easiest task to accomplish that is for sure. Now I just have to decide who needs this card.  Not everyone likes being called an old buzzard, but it really makes me laugh.


Have a creative day!


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