A Simple Thank You

Sometimes you just need a simple thank you card.  This is just right.  Not too bland, but a quick put together too.  The ladies at my card class this last weekend really liked it, quick and pretty is always welcome.  A project doesn’t always have to be a big production to say what you want.


I used the three small flowers from the So In Love set to decorate the paper here.  They were placed together on one block for quicker stamping.  It really made quick work of decorating. Each time I added another stamped set of flowers I turned the block a quarter turn.  This gave the flowers a different look without trying to use each blossom one at a time.  I will be using that idea again for sure.

3-21 (1)

Of course I had to add some to the inside to tie the card together.  This delicate ribbon is only a quarter of an inch wide and somehow has room for three rows of stitching.  Isn’t it precious?  That is as decorated as I let myself go here.  I was tempted to water color the flowers and get into some sponging, but I held back.  The result is simple yet perfect.

Have a creative day!


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