Park Lane Duo

I started this set yesterday morning, got stumped, fussed last night, and finally fixed it this morning.  I kept trying to put the yellow butterfly on the card front.  Yes, the one I inlaid back into the gift bag I cut it from.  Strange how things come together better when you give your creativity a break to refocus.

Park Lane Duo

I colored the paper with my ink sponges.  I didn’t want a lot of exact color, just subtle hints.  So I just used the sponges with leftover ink already on them.  It did the job just right.  Of course my photos make it hard to see, but I love the effect.

Park Lane Duo

When you use delicate die cuts it helps tremendously to sandwich wax paper in between the layers.  The paper just pops out then.  I decided to use the wax paper ones as well.  I didn’t want to cover up the coloring and the yellow butterfly just took over.

Park Lane Duo

After I swapped things around I fell in love.  I attached my wax paper butterflies with some folded glue dots and then ran a string of basic pearls down the body.  It gave such a delicate finish.

Park Lane Duo

One quick stamp from the Sheltering Tree set and the card was done.  No ribbon, no other extras, just some light color and transparent butterflies.  Since they are so thin, the move when the card does.  Beautiful.

Get out there and have a creative day!


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