Sweet Taffy Gift Bag

How about a huge bag made from awesome paper?  Sounds like the perfect thing to me.  It wasn’t hard to decide which paper to use, but which stamp would go best on the tag.

Sweet Taffy Gift Bag

I knew it had to be bold and long.  But I didn’t want the reader to turn sideways to read it.  So I had to dig into my sale-a-bration stash and use this beauty.  I have used this one like crazy.

Sweet Taffy Gift Bag

I used the dotted hexagon stamp from the six-sided sampler set to coordinate with the paper.  I thought it paired wonderfully.  The bow does make it a bit more feminine, but if had put it in a knot it would be great for a guy as well.  Good stuff there.

Just how big is the bag?  I used a whole 12 x 12 sheet to make this one.  I measures nearly 3 x 3 at the base and goes up to 9″ to the top.  Plenty of space to put in a light gift or two, maybe even a stash of taffy?

Have a creative day!


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