Treats for My Boys

More little thank you treats for my wonderful TA’s.  They put up with a lot, even getting bored when I make them just sit and do homework when things are caught up.  Who doesn’t like a little treat now and again, right?

Treats for My Boys

I absolutely love this embossing folder with the retired coordinations paper.  I think they missed their calling together.  I have a ton of the early espresso coordinations paper from when it was retired and put into the clearance rack.  I think I will just make lots of fun things with these two products.

Treats for My Boys

Funny little floating heads, or moons, or pumpkins or whatever you want to call them.  They are adorable and they look great.  I really think these bags are great.  They came together really quick with scoring, folding, and sponging.  Just my kind of fun.

Treats for My Boys

Have a creative day!


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