Neutral Toned If the Broom Fits

I know today is Halloween, but I was just feeling a bit mellow about it.  Could that be a result of being with students all day that were super costumed out and completely mental about it?  Or maybe because I went back to take yearbook pictures that evening during the carnival and dance?  Sounds about right.  Let’s just settle down a bit, but still enjoy the holiday.

Neutral Toned If the Broom Fits

This stamp is just too funny.  I think that I have shown myself that even though there is definitely a Halloween theme with the stamp, it doesn’t have to be used that way, and that always makes me happy.

Neutral Toned If the Broom Fits

Instead of focusing on the holiday, I went with a focus on the brooms themselves.  This included giving the background a run through with the woodgrain embossing folder, wooden handles on the broom.  Also, I did  a little piercing around the brooms themselves so I could thread some of the ever so lovely linen thread around the bristles and give it some dimension.  I think that looks pretty darn cool.  All kinds of dimension going on here.  What a great card!

Neutral Toned If the Broom Fits

Have a creative day!


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