Glittering Holidays

After nearly a two week run of a clean and simple holiday gift set I have been more than ready to make something fabulous.  That is exactly what I did, if that sounds a bit showy, well, just look at it!  I have been planning it all week.

Glittering Holidays

I really just had the flowers in mind and knew they should go on top of a box.  So, to get my brain going, I picked some paper, ink and a stamp and got to work.  The paper alone was just lovely.  I stamped in a way to further elongate the tall box I had in mind.  I really wanted it to be about the flowers.  I did have to use my hot glue gun to keep these guys in order.  After they were assembled I attached them to each other.  The ribbon is threaded between them to hold them on top, so they are not attached otherwise and can be used again.

Glittering Holidays

The box is just scored every two inches for the side measurements and the same for the top and bottom.  Simple there for sure.  I closed the bottom, but just folded the top in place.  I am so going to use this for a wonderful gift, so I needed to get back inside.  Not just for a blog post, nope.

Glittering Holidays

My husband actually designed the card for me.  We chatted while he drove to work and he did a great job with the stamp choices I must say.  I stamped in silver ink and heat embossed in clear to give it an extra shine.  So pretty.  I added flowers with metal rimmed pearls in the centers and added a thin ribbon to finish it off.  The ribbon also helped tie the gift box in as a set.

Glittering Holidays

Have a creative day!


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