Sheer Perfection Gift Set

Sitting down with a tool in mind instead of color, design, or even a sentiment can get a bit interesting.  I wanted to make a quick pillow box with a new punch board I just bought and needed some paper that was six inches wide.  Sounds like an easy start, right?

Sheer Perfection Gift Set

The only thing I had at the ready was a retired velum stack, not the easiest stuff to make boxes with.  But, I was trying to be quick, so I stuck with it.  The board wasn’t too tricky, but I was scared of tearing the paper, so I was a bit timid.  It managed to work out.

Sheer Perfection Gift Set

I thought it needed a matching card and this little number came together.  But I kept on getting held up on embellishments.  Little flowers on top, nope, coloring, nope, tags, nope.  So, I just left it as is and called it all occasion.  Good enough?  It was for me.  And it turned out that my daughter needed a little thank you gift and card this morning, so treats went in and smiles will happen.

Sheer Perfection Gift Set

Have a creative day!


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