Tiny Gift Tower

Little tiny gifts need to be put in adorable little boxes.  How about those gifts that go together, but you want to wrap them separately?  Look no further, this adorable little trio is just what you need.  Me on the other hand, now I have to find three little gifts that go together to put inside.  Sounds like fun!

Tiny Gift Tower

The gift box punch board was my primary tool here.  I made the small, medium, and large boxes using 6×6, 7×7, and 8×8″ measured paper.  The color scheme is neutral enough for a masculine gift I think.  Besides, Christmas lets you have all kinds of leeway on decorative wrapping, right?

Tiny Gift Tower

I put them together with gold ribbon and made an extra ribbon for the top.  A tiny ornament would have been cute as well, but those were not at my desk sad to say.  I don’t think I could find them anyway, it is a disaster!  Again, I squeaked out another project still using the Merry Moments dsp.  All that I have done so far has been from one set.  Yup, one set.  It is nearly gone, but not yet.  I will still get a couple of gift bags and a card to two, just wait and see.

Tiny Gift Tower

Have a creative day!


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